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The Gardens of Dinsor Palace is set in a double-storey colonial palace once called “Wang Dinsor” that exudes a sense of history. Parquet flooring, teak wood doors and windows, and antique oil-on-canvas maps adorning the walls all lend character to the setting. Back in 1904, His Majesty King Chulalongkorn granted the land and then in 1930 the palace was built as a royal residence for Her Royal Highness Princess Ramphai Prapa, a daughter of Prince Bhanurangsi Savangwongse.

The original elegance is preserved to provide a sense of nostalgic serenity and an intimate dining ambience. Lush tropical gardens populated by fluffy rabbits, Indian peacocks and gliding swans form the tranquil surrounds. The modern and chic restaurant-and-café blends seamlessly into its surroundings. The restaurant is divided into four zones: Bakery & Cafe, Indoor Dining, Private, and Gardens of Eden. Sittings indoor in one of our leather chair allow diners to enjoy the outdoor greenery, swimming pool, white peacocks and rabbits. If the outdoors is more your scene, the 300-seat al fresco area has a calm and relaxed ambience.

Seattle-born Executive Chef Autumn Mc Taggart’s with more than 15 years of experience of culinary knowledge, talent and creativity is excited to be joining The Gardens. Her dishes come with a heavy dose of French influence and pack with extraordinary flavors, compelling textures and enchanting visuals. Chef Autumn will produce a culinary experience which treats patrons to extraordinary and innovative flavors—from garden to table, as she calls it. She uses produce from local farms as well as from the restaurant’s fresh herb and hydroponic vegetable gardens to create innovative dishes.

“I want to showcase all that Thailand has to offer in a new and creative way,”

 Chef Autumn says.

Chef. Autumn McTaggart

Autumn is our delicious & delightful executive chef. Her most recent job was as chef de cuisine at Crush, one of Seattle’s premier fine dining establishments. She has also worked at Café De Paris, The Pink Door, and Barocho. She starred on the 2005 PBS reality show “Cooking Under Fire” – a coast to coast cooking competition for chefs overseen by Ming Tsai, Todd English and Michael Ruhlman. She placed third in the contest and Todd English said of her performance, “Autumn’s food was the best, but she was too nice for New York!”

Autumn grew up in the tiny town of Custer, Washington and learned how food was produced at an early age. Her home was on ten acres with livestock and an extensive garden. Her grandparents were commercial fishermen who dealt in Dungeness crab, shrimp, cod, salmon and rock fish. As a child she had the opportunity to spend three months in Europe, developing a love for the continent and its cuisines that persists to this day. When the time came to go to college, she attended Edmonds Community College’s Culinary Arts Program, graduating as Student of the Year. Chef Autumn also has a love of travel and has cooked her way through Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, France, England, Jamaica, Mexico, Barbados, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos and much of North America. Her favorite activity is seeking out farmers’ markets everywhere she goes. “I often find that those markets and the people that work there are my favorite memories of the trip.”

Diners at the Gardens will be excited to taste food that is fresh, bright, modern and well thought out. Her menus will take guests on a culinary journey on which they will taste all the places, memories and experiences that she has had since childhood. Beef short ribs, BBQ pork ribs, crispy skin salmon and yeast raised waffles—these are some of her favorite childhood foods, and she is constantly thinking of ways to reinterpret the dishes of her childhood in new, modern and creative ways utilizing the produce and products of Thailand.

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